J Law Finally Talks About Nude Photos Leak

2 years ago

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As everybody knows some time ago a huge bunch of personal pictures of celebs were leaked and the main target was the Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. After almost two months without saying anything about it she finally opened up about the issue to the Vanity Fair Magazine.

I read the entire interview and Jennifer makes really good point when talking about the leaked pictures. What called my attention the most is how she says that the decision and the ownership of her body should belong to her and to her only and that when people leak nude pictures of her they are commiting sexual crimes.

I love her statment and this is so true. I love how she says that she shouldn`t have to need to say she was sorry and I love how determined she is to just get over it. Jennifer confesses that she cried a lot over the situation, but she also says that time heals and that she wants to just move on hoping that they get the people that did this disgusting thing to her.

Now, what called my attention the most was when she comments about calling her father to talk about what happened and she says that there`s no amout of money in the world or amount of fame that makes it fine to have this type of conversation with one of your parents and it broke my heart. I love when she says that the fact that she is a public figure does not make it ok for people to think they own her body like that.

You can read parts of her interview in the link below or you can go to http://VanityFair.com to read the entire thing.

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Source link: http://www.justjaredjr.com/2014/10/07/jennifer-lawrence-opens-up-for-first-time-about-nude-photo-leak/?ref=topposts

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