IWatch Rumors What do we expect from Apple?

4 years ago

Following the speculation of the mighty Apple to introduce a wristwatch named the iWatch, worldwide fans of the tech brand have been trying to guess what the new watch will look like and what features it will have. Like any highly anticipated product by Apple, the public are never left disappointed and though it hasnt been officially announced yet, a lot are certain the iWatch could be launched by the end of 2013. Apple is always pretty hush hush when it comes to new products and often leave it until last minute to announce the launch. Here we take a look at what people expect from Apple. Some of the speculations of the appearance of the new iWatch include a wristband made using a newly-developed flexible glass technology, a slimmed down iPhone fitted to a strap and a stylish iPod Nano replica. Although none of these designs are set in stone, we are certain that the iWatch will definitely feature a contemporary design like previous products from Apple. As for features, the public think Apple will excel in the watch industry by incorporating phone features with the help of a hands free feature. Wearers of the watch will be able to link to their other Apple products such as their iPad or iPhone and will be alerted through the watch if they receive any calls, texts or emails from their devices. If that wasnt advanced enough, Apple has confessed to using NFC chips in their new devices which could be aimed at the iWatch. Rumours suggest the device could make shopping much easier for shoppers and could be extremely beneficial for retailers. Speculations suggest the new wristwatch could act as a credit card simply by waving your wrist at the checkout. Wearers of the watch could also receive automatic updates from retailers as they walk into various shops on the high street which could provide them with the latest deals and discounts to encourage shoppers to spend in store. In the meantime, you can find a range of innovative sports watches from http://www.brandedwatchshop.com/sports-watches-c31. Image Source: http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/apple-inc-aapl-is-this-the-team-that-will-create-the-iwatch-115938/ apple

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