Ivory Soap for Brush Washing

4 years ago

One of the items in my Mom Vox Box was a bar of Ivory soap. On their facebook page they had asked how people were using it. There were a lot of responses... some people were using it the obvious..in the shower..and others were using it for washing clothes, washing brushes, doing crafts, etc. They claim it is all natural and non damaging to skin, clothes, brushes, etc. So, I decided I would try it on a couple of brushes I had just used. One had very pigmented blush and the other had concealer. I figured this would be a good way to test it. Blush can be difficult because often it wants to stain the bristles. Concealer can be difficult because I typically need to use a bit of olive oil first to break down the product and THEN wash it.

I put the bar of soap into a dish, wet my brushes, and then swirled them over the bar of soap. After I picked up some of the soap into the bristles I went about my normal way of washing. I swirled it around in my hands and rinsed under cool water. It actually worked. It cleaned my brushes very nicely! All of the makeup came out of both brushes with no problems.

I`m going to continue using this method until the bar of soap is gone.

-What method/products do you use to wash your makeup brushes? Have you tried Ivory soap?


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