Itsy-Bitsy 1¢ Sally Hansen Haul!

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I`m so excited because today, my order from the website Copious arrived! So before I get onto what I got, I`m going to explain how I got this for a cent. Basically, I saw a post on Luuux that said that if you signed up through their referral, then you would immediately get $10 a credit towards the store and that they would recieve a $5 credit. I, of course, wanted $10 to an online store so I signed up and sure enough, I got the $10! I decided to browse through the store and look for something less than $10 and free shipping so that I wouldn`t have to pay anything out of my wallet. I basically spent all my time looking in the nail polish section and I was just about to get some a Zoya nail polish from the summer collection when I saw these and decided to give them a shot since I already have 2 Zoya polishes anyways. I ordered these strips for $8.99 and free shipping. Then because they have to make you pay a minimum of 1¢ for security purposes, I paid that penny and then my order was on the way!

Okay, so onto what I got: the <strong>Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips </strong> in a value twin pack. The designs I got were <strong>Girl Flower</strong> and <strong>Fly With Me</strong>. I ordered this mainly because I thought that Girl Flower was so cute after seeing a picture of it here on Luuux! I got this twin pack and inside, there are 16 strips of each design which leaves you open for mistakes =) I`m really happy about these because I literally paid half a cent for each design whereas each single box normally retails for about $7-$9!

I recieved my package in a little envelope and it took about 4 days to get it. Its funny because today, I checked the shipping status and it was like "expect arrival by June 27" which it is today for me. I was hoping that it was there but I was too lazy to check until just now, haha >.< Now I have my package because when I checked my mailbox, it was in there!

<strong>If any of you girls want to sign up for this and recieve a $10 credit, message me and I`ll send you my referral link!</strong>

<cite>Pictures are mine</cite>

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