ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

3 years ago

Hello lovelies! This review is going to be on the ItsJudyTime palette! I`m sure most of you know ItsJudyTime on Youtube, and back in December, she collaborated with BH Cosmetics to create a gorgeous eyeshadow palette!

Price: This eyeshadow palette retails for $14.95 on the BH Cosmetics website.

The breakdown: This palette contains 12 eyeshadows ranging from beautiful neutrals to fun pops of color like purple and periwinkle. These eyeshadows do not have individual names, so I`m just going to refer to them by numbers. I also apologize for my palette being so dirty, I tend to use this palette a lot, haha!

#1: A matte cream color. Most standard eyeshadow palettes have this shade for highlighting the browbone, I must say this is one of my favorites.
#2: A soft matte brown. Perfect for a transition color in the crease.
#3: A brownish-gold. This shade is a little difficult for me to describe. It`s gold, but not the typical gold eyeshadows you see on the market. I can honestly say I don`t own any eyeshadow this color before, it`s very pretty and unique. The finish is more of a satin.
#4: A matte reddish-brown. Once again, a nice color to put in the crease as a transition color.
#5: A matte dark brown with hints of dark purple. Perfect to put in the outer-V.
#6: A dark brown with more of a satin finish. Nicely pigmented, I also like to use this in the outer-V.
#7: A BEAUTIFUL peachy rosegold color. It`s probably the most shimmery eyeshadow of the palette, and it looks gorgeous on the lid. This is probably also the most pigmented.
#8: A shimmery bronze. Well-pigmented and also looks very pretty all over the lid or in the crease.
#9: This shade reminds me of MAC`s `Beauty Marked` (based on what I`ve seen online, I don`t personally own `Beauty Marked`). This shade is pretty much black with pink sparkles. I like to dab a little of this into the outer-V to add depth and give more of a sultry look. It would have been great if this eyeshadow turned out more purple/burgundy, but it`s still nice to have.
#10: A shimmery purple. I had to layer this on a bit before I got the color you see in the swatch, but it`s such a pretty color, I don`t mind, haha.
#11: A matte periwinkle. This eyeshadow is much more difficult than eyeshadow #10. You REALLY need to build this up in order for the color to show.
#12: This is hands down the most difficult eyeshadow of the palette. It`s a GORGEOUS shimmery royal blue, but I had to layer and layer the color on before I got it to show up. Perhaps using an eyeliner or something like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in `Black Bean` would help this eyeshadow stand out more.

My thoughts: I absolutely love Judy and I think she did a fantastic job with this eyeshadow palette! This is a perfect day-to-night palette and with it`s affordable price, I highly recommend it to everyone! The eyeshadows (aside from the last 3) were well pigmented and blended like a dream! Definitely pick this up if you`ve had your eye on it! Thanks for reading!

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