It`s great to be a kid!: Lunchables Crackers amp Ham + PUDDING CUP!

5 years ago

Today I had a really kiddy meal, while I studied in the library attempting to understand Kierkaggard, and memorize his six themes of Existentialism. As well, as understanding Dostoyevsky`s "Notes from the Underground" and Nietzsche. Studying philosophy can definitely make you feel old, so I had to get myself lunchables and a pudding cup during my break to bring some life back into me.

This Lunchables pack is the Crackers and Ham one, it comes with salted crackers, turkey ham, and cheddar cheese. It also has two vanilla cream cookies for dessert. The chocolate pudding up didn`t come with this, it`s from the Jell-O brand and is sugarfree! This lunchable pack did not taste as good as the pizza one I posted a few posts back. The meat tasted really disgusting, and I had a little stomachache afterwards, which I am pretty sure was from eating this. The cheddar cheese just tasted too salty, and didn`t have any real cheese flavor too it. I didn`t like the vanilla cream cookies at all, the cookie part was too soft and not crunch, and the vanilla cream was much too sweet. This pack cost .99 cents at Safeway because they were having a deal today. The regular price is $3, so I definitely wouldn`t recommend it!

The pudding cup was alright! It`s a dark chocolate pudding cup, so not as sweet. It`s sugarfree, and I always think sugarfree snacks have an odd flavor to them, so I didn`t like that so much. I will probably never repurchase it. I got a 6-pack for $3; also at Safeway.

Overall, it was an alright lunch, but it didn`t lift my spirits as much as I hoped it would have. I just hope I do well on my midterm.

<strong>What do you usually eat during a study break? Did you have to take GE courses in college that forced you study subjects that had absolutely no effect on your life? I do believe in learning for the sake of learning, but sometimes the amount of time I have to put into a topic/subject I really doubt will ever be useful for me just feels extremely discouraging. The problem is you never know what you need to know, until you learn it : /


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