It`s been a rough 7 months, but I did it! (-77 lbs!)

3 years ago

The first image, believe it or not, isn`t my highest weight. It`s just the last time I actually allowed a picture of myself to be taken.

Around my birthday of last year, August 20th, I decided it was time to clean up my everything. Clothing shopping was a nightmare, I couldn`t stand being in crowded rooms as I felt like a complete outcast due to my weight, & god forbid you try & take a picture of me. Point blank, I wasn`t happy with my body. I knew it was time to change.

I`m not going to lie, it wasn`t easy. It`s hard to go from having overly processed drive-thru dinners to salads. Granted, now that I`m serious & committed to a healthy lifestyle I realize there are so many healthy options out there, (what I mean by that is, you don`t always have to have a salad!) but when I was first starting & knew nothing about health, what`d you expect?

To keep it kind of short I`ll tell you that overtime, making healthy choices became easier. I learned to read food labels & know the difference between good & bad (sounds easy, but in my opinion, it`s not) & can proudly say, I`m now a Vegan. That its self is a long story & I`d be more than willing to talk about it just not in this post.

As for exercise I started out with walking. At first I walked short distances for a short amount of time but the more I kept at it, the easier it got & I up`d not only the time & distance, but my pace as well.

Overtime, when walking got boring, I switched to low-budget/at home strength training. My routine consisted of mostly squats, planks, dumbell lifts, & loads of ab work. The strength training was almost always paired up with cardio of some sort; jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.

Now that I`ve managed to shed a good portion of the weight, I`ve up`d my routine to running with a bit of strength training.

But anyways, I know this post may seem boring & for the most part I just wanted to feel a pat on the shoulder (I`ll be honest!) but I also wanted to post this as a way to say "you can do it!". It`s not easy, but you can do it!

The image is my own, but can also be found on my instagram; miricotton.
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