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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxer!
Today when i went to Safeway i picked up some it`s a 10 product. They are not cheap, I was just reading them and walked around to look around for more product then this girl with blonde hair picked one up and reading it. and I saw a bit of her roots and I asked her if she bleached her hair and she said yeah, then I told her what she used to take care of your hair, and she said use this, it works great. So I decided to buy every single Its a 10 they had. One in miracle leave in plus kertain and another leave in miracle leave in product. This product has vitamin C, sunflower seed extract, acai extract, ginger extract, pomegranate extract, Tahitian Nonie extract, aloe Vera, Rooibos Tea extract and comfrey extra.
I got so hooked on this because since i bleached my hair, my hair is literally DEAD and i so regret doing it! SO ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT WANT BLONDE, don`t get it unless you keep dying your hair blonde. WHAT EVER YOU DO, don`t bleach it!!
My hair on the first day when it got bleach, I`m so stupid to use black, I should have just gone to a nice brown but instead i did black. It`s because I freaked out and grabbed a hair dye and it was BLACK AHHH!

Have you guys tried this product before??
What type of shampoo do you use to keep your hair shine and healthy looking?

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