Itchy Eyes: HELP?


I have recently encountered a problem with my eyes... They have been SO itchy (since yesturday) and I absolutley CAN`T stop rubbing them!

I tried stopping, but I ended up rubbing them anyways. It makes my eyes feel better when I start rubbing them, but after awhile they feel like crap again!

It`s only on one eye (my right eye), and I have noticed it swell abit and that it has gotten red.

This has happened before, and I just had to wait it out. But this is really bugging me, and I don`t want to wait it out like last time!

So I was just wondering, do you guys have any ideas on what I could do? Particularly home-remedies so I could do it right now in my home, instead of going out to the store.

And have anyone of you ever experienced this before? Do you guys have any tips?

Also, can I still put on makeup or should I stay away? I was a bit worried so I haven`t put on any make up, just in case.

And lastly, I just recently went to a public swimming pool because I had to take my little sister, so do you think the chlorine might have made it worse?

The reason why I am asking on LUUUX is because I want REAL answers from people who have actually experienced this and know stuff that works!

To sum this all up...

1. Do you ever experience itchy eyes?
2. Do you have any remedies?

Thanks guys, and I hope I can get some useful answers, XO! :)

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