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4 years ago

Hey my beautiful explorers!

I wanted to show you my journey in Italy. I upload six of my pictures of each place I visit. I went there with my school, so it was even more special, because I went there with my friends. Every place is beautiful in its own way. Firenze was the place that I spent more time in, so it became my favorite city, as well as Pompeii. I think Roma was the place I didn`t like that much, maybe because I didn`t visit as extensively as I should.
Funny episode in Firenze (not so funny for me): there`s a famous museum in Firenze called Galleria degli Uffizi. Well, I was seeing a paiting when I notice everyone was whispering. Then, a friend of mine run towards me and whispered "I saw Robert Downey JR.!!". At first I didn`t believe, of course, I thought they were all seing someone similar to Downey. But then I wander a bit in that floor and here he was, with a guide and another woman. Because I`m the most fearless of my group I went there and said something like this: "I`m sorry... Mr Downey...?". He stopped me right there and only said "I`m on vacation, I won`t give an autograph, but it was nice to meet you!". So now I don`t like him very much. The time he spent talking to me he could have given me an autograph, but I understand, he wanted a vacation as a relatively normal person.

Have you been to any part of Italy? Tell me your best adventure there :) Ciao bella!

Kisses and chocolates
Rita <3

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