Italian stuffed hot peppers amp marinated olives

5 years ago

So these are two appetizers that I have loved for a very long time marinated olives and stuffed hot cherry peppers. I figured since I was in the general vicinity of the Italian deli these are sold at Id swing in and grab some. The olives are my absolute favorite! They take green olives and marinate them in olive oil, oregano and minced garlic. You still get the tart that you naturally get with olives, but the garlic, oregano and oil give it a nice pizzazz on top of it. The only negative with these is I cant stop eating them and Im typically not an olive eating type of person. I will have them on pizza or 1-2 with a Greek salad, but other than that, not quite. Now the stuffed hot cherry peppers are SO much hotter than I remember. I know theyre hot, but these ones were disgustingly hot. I ended up throwing half of mine away. They take a hot cherry pepper, remove the stem and seeds, then stuff it with a wedge of Italian provolone that is wrapped in a piece of prosciutto. The peppers are then tossed in olive oil to keep them fresh. I have made these at home using diced cheddar cheese and pepperoni and find they are not NEARLY as hot as the ones in the store. Next time I pop into the deli Im sure Ill only be leaving with my olives.

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