Italian Cheese amp Sugar Crispelli

4 years ago

These are an Italian dessert/snack which I tend to only have once a year. There is a festival that happens every year in my area which is centered around Italian food and Italian culture, etc. This year I decided not to go because I didnt want to eat my way through it (which to be honest, is the only thing you CAN do there because there are no more real games, etc.). I was given a cheese and a sugar crispelli. If youre not familiar youre probably thinking, What is a crispelli?

Well, the sugar version is what I can as closely describe to fried dough shaped like a donut. Its a piece of bread-type frying dough that they stretch and make a hole in and deep fry. When its done frying (in 2 separate vats of oil one hotter than the other) they are removed, set to drain and then bounced around in a bowl of sugar and put into a bag for the customer to take to go.

Now the cheese crispelli is the same dough which is kept circular, a blob of ricotta cheese is inserted into it and its folded around then deep fried. Same process into two separate vats of oil and drained but these are not dipped in sugar.

This shop also sell anchovy crispelli which are longer (so when fried they can tell the difference between the fillings). I dont eat anchovies so Ive never had one and never will.

I do know in Italy they also sell a variety of different flavors. I have seen a pizza version on a TV show once where the dough is pulled out and fried but then ladled with a bit of sauce and fresh mozzarella. I admit, Id like to try that.

Have you ever had an Italian crispelli?

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