Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liners Review.

4 years ago

Hi guys :)

Giving you a review from these lip liners I got Monday. These lip liners I bought at a local beauty supply store. Beauty supply stores, some clothing boutiques and swapmeets here in California is where I have seen this brand. The name of the brand is Italia Deluxe. Is a trademark from City Cosmetics, Inc. located here in Los Angeles, California and I believe they don`t have a website but you can find some of their products on ebay. They sale eye shadows, blushes, face powders and other cosmetics. I have always seen this brand around in clothing boutiques and beauty supply stores, but I never gave in to buying anything. Well this time around I gave in and I decided to try their lip liners first and for .99 cents a pencil, not bad right? I got colors to which I can use with my new lipsticks from Wet N Wild. Since I have never owned any burgundy or purples nor bright red orange and I only have nude to light pink and a brick red lip liner.
I went for darker colors, first a lip liner named deep purple, then chocolate and another named rich red. When I saw the deep purple from the end of the pencil, where it gives you an idea of the color and I thought to myself that looks very similar to night moth from MAC. I dont own it but I have seen many girls talk about it and have been wearing it this fall season. I definitely want to try. As for the chocolate lip liner I got it for my burgundy, wine lipsticks and rich red for my bright red to red orange lipsticks. Over all, I think they are worth the .99 cents each and I think even more. They are very creamy when you apply them to your lips. It does not tug on your lips. It goes on smooth and they dont break easily either that you have to be very carefull not at all. As for the pigmentation if I were to rate them from 1 to 10. I would give them a 10. I wasnt expecting much from them for what the cost me but for what they are worth they deserve the 10. Altough, I do say I`m a little disappointed with deep pruple. I had hopes to be a dupe for MAC`s night moth. Deep purple is a total different color from night moth. I was so off , deep purple is an actual purple color not as deep but you can build it up to be deep and night moth is more like a black cherry type color in my opinion. But man how packaging can really trick you. I still love it, it is a very nice purple and I will wear it under it my lipsticks. Rich red is an awesome bright red color I`m happy I got it and for chocolate awesome as well. Very happy I got them :). Oh one more thing I did use chocolate yesterday under my Wet N Wild lipstick in cherry bomb. This will be featured in a fotd post that I wore yesterday that I will be posting after this. So stay tuned....

Now, have any of you ever bought any products from Italia Deluxe? If so what? Thanks for reading and stopping by :).

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