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The aesthetic treatments to innovate all the time. Today, it is possible to care for the body to gain strength and lose unwanted pounds once and for all. As for the face, bet on anti-aging procedures. Check out the tips on beauty treatments that look plastic, but without facing the scalpel. "The modern woman is aware that investing in the quality of the skin is now up to 40, 50, 60 with a huge advantage," says Maria Helena Lauria, manager of clinical Dicorp Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro.

Near Infra Red Face
"Last word rejuvenation. The technology of infrared light acts mainly in the contraction of collagen, reducing sagging, firming and smoothing skin fat affected. Depending on the case, are indicated from six to twelve sections. "

"Suitable to smooth wrinkles. You know that ruguinha forehead bothers you that much? The quality of the skin as the wife of 30 years is not the same. you
notice the change. The application of botulinum toxin improves sagging neck lifts the corner of the lips and eyebrows, eliminating wrinkles on the side of the eyes, providing thus a more youthful and rested. The toxin raises the expression. "

Fill with hyaluronic acid
"It is appointed to fill nasolabial folds, the famous Chinese mustache, beyond the upper lip and wrinkles around the lips. It is a complete rejuvenating and extending the plastic. The substance of vegetable origin, and is reabsorbed by the organism takes about eight months. "

Ditoxi Express
"It`s an intensive treatment program for five days, ideal for those who have emergency measures in the loss and weight loss, with the advantage of not going through post-operative liposuction, for example. In the area of the abdomen, the customer loses one to three pounds and four to six inches in circumference, that associated with nutritional counseling. There are four methods that together provide quick results. The skintonic drainage massage superior to conventional, lipocav, ultrasound can penetrate the deepest layer of skin, alphalipo equipment with German technology that emits filtered and electrical current, together provide a great calorie burn. Finally, to detoxify the tissues, the Italian unit of electric current is a good thing. For the maintenance and further loss of measures recommended to continue for another three weeks. "

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