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5 years ago

Bright colors are always a good way to show your spirit and brightness .We are half way there till summer begins,I cant wait for that day .I love bright colors but not orange it just doesn`t match my skin tone.

Today i was shopping online and i love seeing new outfit`s and shirts.But i hate that they are all expensive. I mostly buy accessories and shoes. Since i have little feet i could buy which ever shoe i like.My sister always get`s mad at me because i have Little feet. I actually use size 4 of Little kids,which i`m glad i don`t look like Bigfoot.

So my question is if this outfit is too much for summer.Summer is about beaches having fun ,swimming in rivers and lots more.I usually go every 3 weeks to the river and i never get bored.When i go home i am really burned and my face hurts so much,but i just love the beaches.So this young lady was wearing a YELLOW ELECTRIC CHIFFON HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BLOUSE.

The skirt that she was wearing was a BLUE TRIBAL PRINT HAUTE & REBELLIOUS SKIRT.Her accessories were some SILVER CUFF HAUTE & REBELLIOUS BRACELET,SILVER TRIBAL NECKLACE HAUTE & REBELLIOUS NECKLACE and last but not least is a BLUE PLATFORM BOOTS HAUTE & REBELLIOUS HEELS.I don`t even think shoes are accessories lol.This outfit would look good on any girl or body type.I would wear this outfit on a really sunny and windy day.

I don`t really like hot day`s like 100 degrees or more it just makes me mad and angry.But the good thing is that we have a nice pool were we could swim all day.What i like about this outfit is the BLUE TRIBAL PRINT HAUTE & REBELLIOUS SKIRT.I like how it has different colors and especially all the colors.The BLUE PLATFORM BOOTS HAUTE & REBELLIOUS HEELS look pretty nice but not in that outfit .

It`s looks too much and the color of the shoe looks to bright.BLUE PLATFORM BOOTS HAUTE & REBELLIOUS HEELS could always go with a plain outfit.What do u think of this outfit ?Her accessories look good by the way.

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