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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

Do all of you keep up with the Vampire Diaries? For me, it was one of those shows that I chalked up to the whole Vampire hype surrounding Twilight, but after catching an episode on TV somewhere during the second season, I was hooked!

I went back and watched all the episodes I missed, and I have been keeping up with it ever since.


And if you are a fan of the show like me, you are probably wondering what Stefans fate is. At the end of the last episode, the whole magical world was falling apart thanks to a spell by Markos, leader of the travellers. The spell was tied to the blood of last two doppelgangers, aka Stefan and Elena. It seemed as though the spell was undoing the magic that held together the other side, and it was also causing centuries of spells performed by witches to be undone.

We saw the witches try to kill either Stefan or Elena, in an attempt to halt the spell from travelling further, and though they failed, at the end of the episode we saw Stefan who appeared to be dead, after having his heart ripped out by the rebel traveller who occupied Tylers body.

(BTW: If you havent watched the show, or kept up with this season, you probably have NO IDEA what Im talking about lol)

There is still one more episode until this seasons finale, and fans are wondering if the writers would actually kill off one of the main characters of the show!

To add more fuel to the proverbial fire, Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, tweeted out to fans after the episode aired saying Stefan is done-zo. Sorry guys.

You can see his tweet, and the backlash from fans on his twitter page here:

To be honest, Im still not convinced that he is gone for good. TVD is set to return for season 6, and I doubt they would get rid of Stefan. Plus its very fishy to get rid of him in the episode before the finale... but I have a feeling they will have an attempt to save him in the next episode, and we wont know if it works until next season.

I cant wait until the season finale later this week to find out if my hunch is correct!

What do you guys think? Is Stefan really done-zo or will they find a way to bring him back with a vengeance?


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