Is it true that Takis cause Cancer??

I love Takis Chips, sneesh I love all kinds of chips in general lol. But
one day I was visiting my boyfriend and he seen that had some Takis and
(he said you know Takis cause Cancer right?) I look at him weird and
said (where you hear that from?) and he said his cousin told him that. I
was like if they cause Cancer then I have Cancer already since I`ve been
eating Takis for so long so I took my Takis chip bag out my purse and
started eating them. I can tell he didn`t like me eating them. But it
just didn`t make since to me.

Shoot im eating some right now

Is this true that Takis cause Cancer?
Have you hear this before?
Let me know!! So I can go to the doctor asap... lol

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