Is brand that important for you ?

Is the brand important for you ?

I was always in love with fashion. I love shopping, shoes and bags but my favourite stores was h&m, zara, topshop... I was dreaming about Louis Vuitton bag but it was only a dreams. And it all started when i bought my first LV bag. Ok, it was neverfull mm so nothing that much but hey it was my first thing from very famous designer ! I was mega happy and excited. And i want more... Now when i am saving up money i am saving for some mega expensive things from designers. I think that they are better quality and for ages but... is that all ? I think that no. We all want and love gucci, chanel, lv, versace and all that brands. We love to show other people "hey look at my lv bag and chanel sunglasses, i am rich as heel". You could say no no i buy it for myself but... we like when somone say "ohhh your dior bag is so great, i am mega jealous". We could feel like celebrities for a moment. It`s nice feeling if you asking me. So, yeah i think that brand is very important for me. Of course that i will buy something nice from Zara and other stores but when i buy something very expensive i am so so mega happy. Honestly it`s quite funny when people like you only because you have designer things. I have few of that "friends". It`s really funny. When i first met them i was wearing some old hoodie or something like that so they were like "oh ok you are Joanna but i don`t care....". But when i met then second time i was wearing some armani top, something from burberry, leather jacket and expensive watch. And they were like "oh Joanna i love your look, want to come with us, you are such a nice person, wanna be friends with us ?". Yeah i hate that people, they don`t look at your character because only money is important for them. I love famous brands but this is not what i am looking for in my friend. Of course we could have few "friends" like which like you only because of $$$ but they will be with you only in good not in bad and only when you are rich. So it`s sucks for me.
What do you think ?

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