Is being 100% Holistic really that healthy ??

Hi everyone so this is a little bit of a discussion on holistic views,

I`ve heard a lot of people preaching about an holistic ( all natural ) lifestyle on youtube and other social medias.
If you didnt know being holistic is when you choose to use all natural products in replacement to man made products. These can include cleaning products, toothpastes, deodorants, and even medicines.

It is said that using natural products are just as or if not better than using man made chemicals, but many people are fifty, fifty on this.

When you think of man made products, you probably think of a scientist`s sat in a lab testing out different potions too see what the best results are, but thats just how our brain works because weve been told these products are the best to use.
I suppose when you see an advert on tv and it tells you this product is going to kill 99% of bacteria in your kitchen, you instantly think `Yes` thats the best option to kill the germs in your kitchen, not oh no im going to rub a lemon on my work surface... that is going to kill all the germs and make it safe for me to prepare my food. The same goes for medicine, i know thats a touchy subject but i feel like modern medicine have been developed so that we can get the best possible results. However you can get a lot of really great benefits from eating fruit everyday , drinking loads of water and using natural oils.

In my opinion being completely holistic isnt enough to live off and be completely healthy.

What are your views ?

**This post is completely my own views, not taken from anywhere**

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