Is beauty the picture of health?: The Negative impact of the spotlight.

4 years ago

So, as you may have guessed by the title, the topic I`m touching on right now is Beauty in concern with health.
Hardly a day goes by when I don`t see a celebrity in a magazine, papped looking perfect, or a model for a skincare line with the freshest face I have ever seen. But the secret truth behind the Excellent exteriors of these celebrities is much more daunting than the daring shade of lipstick they`ve chosen to sport.

Many impressionable young girls ideas of perfection have been sculpted by a glamorous actress on the red carpet, or a 6 page special in Ok! magazine about the latest WAG and the "Full truth" about her marriage. But most of these Princesses of the public eye probably don`t have Bleach blonde/ Fabulously auburn hair, accentuated cheekbones or a glossy red pout from luck or fate; it`s all down to cosmetic surgery.

Being in the spotlight must put so much pressure on these women to look their best at all times, to be a perfect mannequin of a role model. It can`t be easy, so they go for the longer lasting effect, and these include:
Face Lifts
Breast Implants (Augmentation)
Chemical Peel
Cheek Implant
Teeth whitening and more...
The examples that they are setting are completely the wrong ones to go out to the younger generation, they should be stressing the fact that everyone is unique, and they should love themselves for who they are.

It has even come to light the lengths these girls are going to to look like their favorite models; starving themselves to the point of anorexia to be as skinny as Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton or Kate moss.

This is not the right effect that celebs in the spotlight should be having on their fans. I am not saying there is an ultimate solution to this problem, but I do think it`s something we should all be aware of.

Signing out,
Izzie x

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