Is about our love or your mom?

Hi Guys sorry I think this is no beauty related but i wanted to ask everyone. When i was getting married a lot things happen before the big day. Things i was not expecting. I don`t want to sound like i am trying to make everyone think i am an angel and my mother in law is the devil. but i just feel i cannot keep this inside me. When i was putting my wedding dress on my mom`s after spending 4 glorious hours on the beauty salon my mother in law was there she went inside my room and asked me something that still bother me until this day. M.I.L: Why you and my son are getting married for? in my head i was like seriously why are you asking me this.(i decide to be polite and not to be a b*tch about it. and I answer: Well i love your son and if you still concern about it why don`t you go and ask your son. M.I.L: Did not respond me and got out of my room. that thing was just stuck in my head. when i got out of my room all my family members were waiting for me and my husband mom was there too. so since i was putting my dress she decide to tell everyone including some of my friend that she didn`t know why we were getting married everyone was asking me why she is saying that. i was like i really don`t know. So i try to ignored that and try to be happy because i was going to marry the man of my dreams. when we got to the salon after getting married at church. we got there the video man was recording our entrance. My husband mom was making a big show fighting saying that my dad was a total bitch i try to ignored all the drama and try to get inside the salon grabbing my hubby hand but my husband left me in the entrance and he went to see what was all the drama about. That was the moment that i stared asking my self is all my life is going to be all about this lady?. uggggghhh i just remember that moment and i get mad. please let me know what you think i was been paranoid or this lady messed up my wedding. please let me know if you have a experience like this?

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