Is a ghost writer a cop out?

2 years ago

I know a lot of us Luuuxers here follow the youtube blogging community and I know many of you have at least heard of Zoella or Zoe Sugg. I don`t personally follow her, but I have friends that mention her frequently in our chats so I hear about her from time to time.
It`s been brought to my attention recently that she released a novel that seems to have broken records and is doing really well. It wasn`t long after the book was released that speculation began that Zoe`s part in writing the book was minimal at best. Zoe hasn`t been shy about having help, but makes the claims that the character and story line are all from her imagination (or her life if you`ve read the description).
Penguin recently made a statement saying the book was indeed ghost written. Some people have become upset over the fact that Zoe didn`t come out and say that herself, she seemed to hem haw around the subject. Other people say it doesn`t matter.
My personal take not that anyone has asked, if you`re going to co-write a book that`s how it should be if your publisher is pushing to put your name solo on the cover because you will sell you need to take action as the face of the product and just admit it. I think just thanking people for their help is a bit dishonest and misleading.
It does make me more weary about buying products promoted by her though.

What do you think? Is a ghost writer a cop out, or should the situation just have been handled differently? Do you follow Zoella?
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