IS 50 cent part of the illumanti?

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Has 50 Cent outed himself as a member of a legendary secret society? And, by the by, can a society be secret if it`s issuing baseball caps?

irst things first: the legendary secret society.

You may know the organization as the bad guys from that Tom Hanks movie, the puppet masters who control hip-hop, and/or, if you prefer history talk, the Illuminati.

Conspiracy theorists and viewers of MTV Cribs have long pegged 50 Cent as a member of the group. A recent photo showing the rapper donning an Illuminati-branded baseball cap stoked the talk.

Was the photo for real? Was 50 Cent trying to tell us somethinglike, he just paid his membership dues, and got a cool new lid?

We took our questions straight to 50 Cent`s rep. Oddly, we did not receive a reply. But we`re sure once the rep stops laughing, she`ll get right back to us.

We next talked to Jordan Maxwell, a noted author, researcher and so-called "godfather of secret societies." We asked him if: (a) the Illuminati issued baseball caps; and (b) if Illuminati members wore them in public?

Mawell chuckled. Then he answered.

"Heavens no," he said.

So, does that mean 50 Cent likely isn`t a member?

"The people who are really important on this planet you will never know who they are," Maxwell told us. "They`re not out doing hip-hop or [being] movie stars or anything else. They`re just business people who are far more successful than anybody else."

And, just so you know, Maxwell doesn`t think those people today even call themselves the Illuminati.

No matter. At least weand 50 Centwill always have their baseball caps.

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