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Hey everyone! Have you guys ever been to Ireland before? It is definitely a gorgeous place and very well known. If you didn`t know already, Ireland is an island in Europe. The capital and the largest city in Ireland is actually Dublin. If you actually watch ItsJudyTime, Judy was actually there for a while where she visited Anna from TheStyleDiet, who actually lives in Dublin. Dublin is actually a very popular tourist destination. There are tons of places to visit in Ireland but one of the things that I would definitely love to do, if I ever get the chance, would be to check out the food. LOL I would love to get a real authentic Irish breakfast, which consists of black pudding, eggs, and bacon. I know that pretty much sounds similar to American breakfast but it would just be interesting to see how its served. If you didn`t know already, black pudding is actually pork sausage made with blood. There are also tons of pubs there as well, for all you beer lovers out there. Ireland is definitely known for their beers. I also heard that they have great zoos as well since the animals there are allowed to roam around rather than be viewed from their cages. There are tons of things to do in Ireland, you can actually find out more by going online.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever been to Ireland before? Would you visit Ireland?
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