IPoo Toilet designed by Milos Paripovic

<em>Apple is literally everywhere.. phones, tablets, computers, laptops, tv... I wonder as technology advances will there be Apple refrigerators? Apple cars? Apple car seats? Apple House hold appliances? Or even Apple toilets?</em>

This is a design of a futuristic toilet designed by Milos Paripovic. It`s called <strong>iPoo Toilet</strong> and it is pretty self explanatory, a toilet that resembles an Apple logo however it has no connection with Apple though.

<em>What makes this toilet different then the ones we have?</em>

- It looks to be made out of stainless steel making it easier to clean!
- The seat is a shape of an Apple so hold on and don`t fall in, lol
- The toilet seat is thinner than a macbook air supposedly
- The toilet will cost more than how much a regular toilet would be..

As far as when this toilet is going to come out or even if it`s going to be sold? It`s unknown because the designer can`t afford production yet but asking for awareness and maybe donations to fund this project.

<strong>Is this a futuristic toilet you would want in your home? Do you think Apple expand their production line to household appliances, plumbing, cars?</strong> I think the toilet is sleek and unique [I like stainless steel] but I don`t know if I would want a toilet a size of an Apple. Although this isn`t a product designed or concept by Apple, I do think Apple is a leading company and will eventually venture out to other technology advances and probably household appliances as well.. maybe a car too, who knows what Apple has planned for us.

Original Photo via http://milosparipovic.com/index.php/ipoo-toilet/
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Source link: http://milosparipovic.com/index.php/ipoo-toilet/

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