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5 years ago

Im always amazed at what vending machines are out there in the world. I usually just see those that have candy and some cakes, sandwiches and drinks but people do take them to the next level.
I have posted some different vending machines, like the vending machines with wi-fi but these go to the next level of crazy products to sell in the streets.

So, here you have:
1st Picture - iPods and iEverything on a vending. I can`t believe that Apple would allow this since they are usually very picky with their products(or maybe they don`t know this vending machine) but its located on the Minnesota Airport so travelers can listen to their tunes on the plane.

2nd Picture - School Girl Panties - Now this one is creepy to be honest. A vending machine that sells panties just seems strange and im not seeing girls going there to buy panties.

3rd Picture - Books on the go - Now this one actually seems like a good idea and of them all is probably the less crazy. This one is located in Madrid but its available in other countries like Brasil.

4th Picture - Shoe Vending Machine - This machine would probably be useful in case you have any shoe malfunction during the day but i don`t see much people using this anyway, especially because the selection of shoes is probably not very high.

5th Picture - Live Bait - Great vending machine for fisherman but seems so strange to get live bait on the street/machine. Im not seeing much people going to get live bait at this machine to go fish.

These are just few of the strange vending machines i have saw and they do make me wonder if they actually make any money because besides the one with the books, im not seeing people using the other ones.

<strong>What was the craziest vending machine you have seen? Do you use vending machines a lot?</strong>

picture 1 from the source;
Pic 2 -http://www.oddee.com/item_96684.aspx
Pic 3 - http://www.oddee.com/contrib_13908.aspx
Pic 4 http://www.oddee.com/contrib_2179.aspx
Pic 5 http://www.oddee.com/item_96684.aspx

Source link: http://www.oddee.com/contrib_6555.aspx

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