iPod Touch Supplies and Goodies!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Thank goodness that Luuux is finally working again! I have been so bored without this website to browse on and all. Wahooo for finally being able to catch up on some posts and comments! Anyways, a few days ago, I went to 99 Ranch with my mom and siblings where we kind of goofed off and got loads of Hello Panda and Pocky ^_^ Afterwards, my sister and I saw a little store at the side where they had a bunch of cutesy little accessories for phones, iPods, etc. and since we are both suckers for cute stuff, we went in! I was looking for a cute case there but since there were only things for iPhones, I didn`t find anything. As I was walking out though, I saw this ADORABLE little dust plug. If you don`t know what they are, they`re basically little charms that you stick in the earbud jacks if you don`t listen to music much as a little decoration! I thought that this was too cute but it was $10 originally which is quite alot for a little dust plug so I decided not to get it.

My sister noticed that I liked it though and then decided to get it for me which is so sweet of her! I think that its super cute and girly which worked really well with the case that I got later that day! Haha after I got home from 99 Ranch, my I checked the mail (I was expecting a package, hehe) and then I found that two things had come: my case and screen protectors! Now I ordered both of these off Amazon after getting my iPod Touch from here on Luuux and they came fairly quickly (in 3 days). Do you not think that the case is adorable?!? OMG I am absolutely in love with the plaid checkered print on the back because its a gel case so its see through. It looks super nice and was only $1.90. Win! As for the screen protectors, they are SO hard to put on >.<

<strong>I love all the little goodies that I got! What do you think of them?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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