IPod Touch 5th Generation coming in September?

4 years ago

News from source link below. Picture from the same site.

Well just like with the iPhone 5 rumors about a September release, now there`s a flood of rumors about the iPod Touch 5th Generation having a possible September release as well. It`s rumored that it will have the same new screen, flatness, and iOS6 like the iPhone 5, along with a possibility of having Siri just like the iPhone 4S does now. It`s also said it might have the same processor as the 4S. All these rumors are not confirmed however along with a new announcement date for it`s release, but some manufacturers of the iPod Touch say that Apple will be announcing a release date soon for it. Possibly in September along with the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

My question is who here would hold off on getting the 4th generation in luuux`s store now and would wait for then to add the 5th generation to the store? And how long would it take for them to get it in their stores and for how much?

Source link: http://www.demonsys.com/2012/new-ipod-touch-5th-generation-release-date-is-it-coming-out-in-september/

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