Ipod Locked for over 40 years? Here is how you can fix it!

5 years ago

So my intelligent 9 year old sister managed to do this, for the second time.

<em> Yep, lock her iphone for 22,101,028 minutes.</em>

And I did the math, that`s <strong> 42.0212565 years!</strong>

This is also the second time, I searched online for ways to fix it. Last time I did it deleted all her memory, but there are other ways that people have fixed it!

Here are some!

<em> Just plug it in and connect it to itunes!</em>

<em> Plug it into itunes and do a diagnostic test on it!</em>

<em> Reset the ipod, do this by holding the home button and the power button, the slider will come up to switch the power off but don`t move your fingers, continue pressing. It will turn off, continue pressing until you see the apple logo, meaning it will have reset your ipod but not deleted the memory!</em>

There are more complicated ways if the basic does not work, but hey, that`s what google`s for! ;)

<strong> Has this happened to you or someone you know? Would you try to fix it or just wait 40 years lol? </strong>

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