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5 years ago

A thing that every smartphone on the market has and that is used as an important point of comparison between phones sometimes, is the camera... I think that no one would like to buy a fancy smartphone without, at least, a back camera, even if you don`t use it that much, it is something that from a moment to another can be really useful... Besides that, everybody loves to make fun of friends saying "the camera on my phone is more powerful than yours" (at least I like to do this xD ).

So, why would anybody want to buy an iPhone without a camera?

There are certain situations in certain countries in the world where people live under very controlled regimes, like it is the case of soldiers in Singapore. So, the only way for them to have an iPhone is to have it without a camera... It is the only smartphone that the Ministry of Defense has allowed.

So a phone service provider has come up with a solution where they completely remove both frontal and back camera from the iPhone... And this modified version is actually more expensive than the original one... Besides of the increased price, they also loose the original Apple warranty.

So, for you to have an iPhone without camera, you pay more and loose the original warranty... Isn`t this so cool? No, it is not, but if they want an iPhone, that`s the only one that they can have.

What do you think about this? Isn`t this a bit exaggerated by the Ministry of Defense?

Source link: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/m1-offers-modified-iphone-4-4s-without-camera-21-01-2012/

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