IPhone stand shaped like a BELT...

Are you an iPhone addict? If so, how would you design a hands free device for your iPhone since holding your phone for a long period of time can be aching. This concept called "Vyne", is an iPhone stand that is flexible in the shape of a belt.

What could you do with this belt shape stand? You could wrap it around your neck (which would look really awkward). You could roll it up like a cobra snake to be a stand (at least this looks more useful).

<strong>Do you think this would be a good concept?</strong> I highly doubt this will make it to the markets because who wants to have a belt looking shape hanging in front of them? As for an iPhone stand, there are plenty inexpensive ones.

Check out another funny "concept": http://www.luuux.com/design/iphone-case-holds-your-coffee?blog_id=37917

Source link: http://www.droold.com/i/587-Vyne-A-HandsFree-iPhone-Stand-Shaped-Like-A-Belt

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