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5 years ago

The iphone is one of the most talked about gadgets and people have created innovative apps for it, creating a new trend of apps on phones. But the iPhone doesn`t stop at apps and its photo skills is now subject of a college class.

The Kensington and Chelsea College in West London is now offering a class that they call "iPhoneography". To enroll in this class you need an iphone (of course) and pay 182$, besides having to spend some money on photo apps that the class require.
The goal of the class is to teach iphone users to create great photos with their phones, learn the photo settings and use different apps on the phone related to photography and to make photography more productive.

Here is what the college says about the course (quoated from the source):

Get started in photography on the iPhone and turn your iPhone into an exciting creative tool. You will learn the key techniques and skills needed to transform plain iPhone snaps into amazing images. As part of a group, we explore some of the most powerful and creative apps and introduce you to ways to share and present your work in a vibrant iPhoneography community, taking inspiration from leading proponents of this ground-breaking new photography genre.

I have to say that i wouldn`t mind taking this class and learn some more but i would never pay that much money for a class for the iphone camera. Now it was for a regular photography class and to learn more about dSLR, now for that i would save up and pay but not for an iphone class. Still, the idea behind it is an interesting one and maybe they will reduce the price.

<strong>What do you think of a iphone photography class? Would you take that class?</strong>

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Source link: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/02/english-college-offers-iphone-photography-course/

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