IPhone or not?

5 years ago

okay so lately I have been really really wanting an iPhone. But I just got a new phone in August and I have to wait 2 years to get a new phone. Well 2 years from when I got my phone. If I did convince my parents to letting me have an iPhone, how would that work with my phone company? I have AT&T. I would give my phone to my little brother if I did get an Iphone.

My reasons for wanting an iPhone:
I want to be able to get the apps that are only in the app store like instagram.
Easier to use.
Everything is all in the same place.
I still have all of my apps.

Reasons I don`t want to get an iPhone:
I like somethings about my phone other than the iPhone.
Better battery life.
Better pictures.
I have two devices for diffrent things... my phone and iTouch
I dont know what I would do with my iTouch.

So ya thanks for reading. Please tell me what happens if I do get a new phone and your opinion. And is there a new iPhone coming out soon? Thanks!
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