IPhone Lets You Bypass Security Code

5 years ago

Some time ago someone found out a security bug on the iOS 5 that allowed users with a magic cover to bypass the security code, so anyone that would find your iPad with the case could enter it and see all your files.
Apple fixed that but a similar one has been found out now on the iPhone. The error is on the iOS 5.0.1 and in case you have yours with a safety code to use it, you can bypass it by removing and inserting the SIM card, so when the iPhone is searching for network signal you can use the iphone without typing the code.

Now this seems very dangerous,especially those that need to have their iphones protected all the time. Even though i don`t use a security code ( i really should though =/ , its a very bad security problem and Apple should get right into fixing it asap!

The acess to the iPhone is not complete though, it allows you to acess the dialing list ( contacts you dialed) and your contacts on the phone. Still, its a bad security breach and others can get the contacts from the phone.
Im predicting a new update for this soon or maybe in the next version of iOS5, to also make people update to it.

<strong>What do you think of this security bug that lets you access to the contacts? Don`t you think Apple should be more careful with the updates they release?</strong>

(picture from the source)

Source link: http://www.redmondpie.com/security-bug-in-ios-5.0.1-allows-passcode-screen-to-be-bypassed-grants-access-to-contacts-list-and-pho

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