IPhone: Hype or Real Deal?!

4 years ago

So, you wanna buy an iPhone? But there are so many questions to ask!! Especially the one most people ask:Which iPhone to get? Well, obviously everyone WANTS the latest and greatest, but if thats not really what you need, why pay extra??
Cost~ Well the iPhone 3G is only the cost of a hamburger!! But, its not the Cream of the Crop either, it`s probaby the most basic smartphone,yet, a smartphone is a smartphone. My suggestion to those everyday people is to get the iPhone 4, because of the following reasons:
1. It is in fact, an iPhone
2.You get the satisfaction of rubbing it into peoples faces without saying a word
3.Buying an iPhone 4 while the iPhone 4s has already been released for quite a while says , "I am a rebel, and will NOT get sucked into this mumbo jumbo!!"

So you see my reasoning right? That is why i, proudly state i am a iPhone 4 Rebellion!! Wanna join? :)

Actual Phone~ SOOO a really nice thing to know is a real, genuine, completly honest review of these iPhones. Well, I LOVE IT!!! the iPhone is THE REAL DEAL! Sure it has a lot of hype but obviosly because it is ah-mazing! It is a lot easier to understand than those non-smartphones, or Windows, or even androids!!! (not slamming other phones)

Apps~ Come on now, do we even need a section for this... (UGH YES!!!!!) This is the selling point for me, its a sleek, pretty phone and all, but it`s noting without those perfectly created apps, books, games, and oh those glorious movies and songs!!! I love to fill my phone with pictures, updates, games, movies, videos, songs, and o-course apps! Who would have thought that those little squares could change a phone?! STEVE JOBS!!

SO Im going to go a little "http://amazon.com" here and put the basics quick and simple:
Would You reccomend this to a friend? yes/no (YES!! OF course! me and my friends have to facetime!)
Would You recommend this to an Enemy?? yes/no (NO! why would i want an enemy to get this superly cool phone?!)

Love ya!!
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