IPhone helps firefighters to withdraw a child from a well

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A children was playing and fell into a well 12 meters deep. Firefighters used an iPhone to help in the rescue.

This happened in China, when a child fell into a well. The residents called firefighters, who arrived asism launched a hose connected to a tank of oxygen so that the child does not drown, as firefighters prepared for rescue.
The problem is that the darkness did not allow the well to see how they could hold the child so that they can jack it without risk. But one of the firefighters remembered to use an iPhone to see how they could hold the child.

With the iPhone could see how the child was, holding the strings correctly and so jack it without any risk. Despite the fall in a pit so deep, the child left with minor injuries.

Good to know that new technologies also help to save lives, do not you think?

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJQQA_smz_w&feature=player_embedded

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