IPhone case to protect YOU amp PHONE!

Now a days we have our phones in hand when we`re walking class to class, down the street, anywhere our phones are usually at all times in our hands right? So what better invention to include a pepper spray attached to our phones? That way you will have your pepper spray at the tip of your hands at all times.

This iPhone case will protect YOU and also your phone. It`s a smart idea but the only down side is the case is quite bulky and you`re not allowed to carry pepper spray in some areas so it may be an offense and what if you get arrested? Even though the pepper spray is attached you will still have to pull the pepper spray out to use it.

<strong>Would you use this case? Do you have pepper spray on your key chain or in your purse?</strong> I have pepper spray in my backpack or purse but I haven`t used it yet and hopefully I won`t come across a time that I would need to.

<em>Want to buy this case? </em>
http://www.sabrered.com/4/20/18/781024/store/smartguard/ it will cost you $34.99

Photo via http://mashable.com/2012/02/17/iphone-pepper-spray-case/

Source link: http://mashable.com/2012/02/17/iphone-pepper-spray-case/

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