IPhone case + Holds your Coffee

During break at work, a bunch of co-workers and I were watching the news and they were featuring a concept for those who love their phones and coffee called the Uppercup.

What is the Uppercup? This is basically an iPhone case that also serves as a coffee cup holder.

What is the reason behind this? You can now text and have your coffee balanced.

The company claims:
No more one handed typing
No more spilling coffee on your lap
It will leave your hands free for your optimal texting, gaming, social networking pleasures

Will this concept be available to purchase? If so how much? This is just a concept however if this device raises enough money within this year, it will sell. This was designed by a Dutch firm and the starting price if this becomes popular, it`ll be £21 which converted to USD dollars is about $31.58.

... The advertisement, upbringing of this product made all my co-workers and I bursting in laughter. This is a silly concept that I would not purchase. Why would you want to have your coffee built by your iPhone? What if someone bumps into you? I am sure the coffee would way down your phone causing you to drop the phone even.

<strong>What do you think of this concept? Is this a product you would purchase?</strong> I don`t drink coffee but even if I did, I would not purchase this -- this is not useful.

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2264618/What-possibly-wrong-The-iPhone-case-doubles-cup-holder.html

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