IPhone Apps: SHAKE App vs. Tap Tap Revenge App

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This is the app I`ve been obsessed with for nearly 3 months! If you love KPOP, then you`ve probably heard of this app by dooub inc. They`ve created FTIsland, Big Bang, Girls` Generation, CNBlue, Super Junior, MBLAQ,T-ARA, After School, 2PM, AXIZ, TRAX, IU versions and more! I have the FTIsland version. If you like Tap Tap Revenge, you`ll probably like this app. Both TTR and SHAKE offers very limited free songs to play, you have to buy the songs to have more options. Also, both apps allows you to tap along to the song to score points. The difference between SHAKE and TTR is, TTR only allows you to tap along to the songs to earn points while SHAKE allows you to tap, or shake (spin the disc like a dj) along to songs to earn points and grade cards to add to your deck. Also with SHAKE, there are notes that will require you to shake the phone to score points for the note. As for the grade cards, you can combine 2 cards of same or different grades, as long as they`re both the same member, to get a card of the same member with another grade, possibly a higher grade. Overall, both apps are very fun and addicting. I was obsessed with TTR before I heard about SHAKE. But SHAKE is more fun because you can tap or shake along with songs and earn grade cards.

Unfortunately, I don`t know if SHAKE app works with any other Apple products. I also don`t know if they`re available for Blackberry or Android phones.

Have you tried either TTR or SHAKE before?
If you`ve tried both, which do you prefer?

Source link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ftisland-shake/id510321491?mt=8

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