IPhone App: Takoyaki Mania Review

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Takoyaki Mania is available on iTunes store for $2.99. In this game, you`re running your own takoyaki snack cart, taking orders from customers. Once you`ve earned enough money from selling takoyaki, you can advance to the next stage and open new stores.

The first stage is to learn to knead the takoyaki dough. Once that`s complete, you`ll move on to the next stage to learn how to cut the octopus. Next stage is learning how make the takoyaki. To fill each pan with batter, just tap on the pan. When the pan has been filled with the batter, you`ll see the word "unripe" underneath each of them with a small bar turning orange as the takoyaki is cooking. Wait for the bar to turn completely orange before tapping on the takoyaki to flip over. Once flipped over, you`ll have to wait again until the bar has turned orange then tap on them to remove them from the pan. Once you`ve successfully removed 3 takoyaki, you`ll move on to the next level to take orders from the customer.

I didn`t really like this app. It wasn`t fun and I don`t remember playing past the first round of taking orders from customers. I regret paying $2.99 for this app.

If you`ve played Takoyaki Mania before, what are your thoughts?

Source link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/takoyaki-mania/id383843796?mt=8

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