IPhone App: Sushi Go-Round Review

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This app is available on iTunes Store for $0.99. You can try this game online on http://miniclip.com before purchasing the app, or if you would like to play but don`t have an iPhone.

This game offers 2 options: Story Mode, and Rush Mode.

With Story Mode, you`ll be given a daily goal to earn a certain amount of Yen. For example, on Day 1, your goal is to earn at least 500 Yen. After Day 1 ends, you`ll be given Day 2`s goal, and so on. To play, you have to serve the customers and prepare their food within a certain amount of time to keep the customers satisfied. If you take too long, they`ll lose patience (green bar) and if they lose all their patience, they`ll leave. To prepare their food, you`ll need to know what ingredients are needed by looking at the recipes book at the bottom. Then tap on the ingredients and they will be placed on the bamboo mat. For example with onigiri, you`ll need 2 rice balls and a piece of seaweed. So you`ll tap on the rice twice and the seaweed once. Then tap on the bamboo mat and the onigiri will be rolled up and served. If you`ve made a mistake, it will not turn out like an onigiri and the customer will not accept it.

With Rush Mode, there`s no earning goal. The customers will be coming in and out, and you`ll have to serve them until closing. After their done eating, tap on their plate to remove the plate. Remember to keep removing the plates because the customer will order more, or another customer will come in.

For either mode, you`ll have to buy more ingredients when it`s running low. To get more ingredients, tap on the telephone, select the ingredients, and choose delivery method: normal or express. Express will arrive immediately but will cost 50 Yen while normal is free but will take a while to arrive. If using normal delivery method, make sure to order when it`s running low, not when it`s empty.

Overall, this is a pretty fun game. I played it quite often when I first discovered the game a few years ago. Now I have the app on my phone. Even though I don`t play it as often now, this is a fun game. I would recommend giving it a try online first before purchasing the app.

Source link: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/sushigoround!/id407960696?mt=8

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