IPhone App: Meal Snap - Calorie Counting Magic Review

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Meal Snap - Calorie Counting Magic is an app created by DailyBurn. This app allows you to take a picture of your meal and when the app has processed the photo, it will tell you what food is on your plate, and approximately how calories you`re eating. This app is available on iTunes Store for $2.99.

I think this is a pretty interesting app. I don`t usually keep track of the calories, so I don`t know how accurate their rough estimates are, but this app can often detect what`s on your plate through the photo. I`ve tried with a variety of foods from sandwich, oatmeal, instant noodles, juice, etc. and it was all accurate. You have to make sure to take a clear picture of the foods on your plate otherwise the app won`t be able to detect what`s on your plate. Unfortunately, this app can`t seem to detect cultural foods very well. I`ve taken pictures of kimchi and I`ve received weird answers like onions with tomato sauce. Overall, I wouldn`t say it`s a complete waste of money like some of the reviews on iTunes store because the app was able to tell what foods were on my plate most of the time. But I don`t think this app is worth $2.99 either.

What are your thoughts on this app?

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