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Hey guys, i hope that you have had or are having a great weekend so far. Its a public holiday for us tomorrow so i have a day off work.....yay!!!

Anyways, when i was in town last weekend for the work conference that i had to go to, i went shopping afterwards and really needed a iPhone 3GS hardback case as the one that i was currently using was made out of the rubber material, which has been okay for the past 2 years ive been using it but its definitely time for an upgrade - of my phone as well as the case LOL! I also needed to get a screen protector for my iPad2 which is the first prize that i got from Luuux.

Ive seen them on Amazon but thought that i might be able to get one if i shop around. It wasnt something i needed urgently as i was using the plastic wrapper that the iPad came in, in the meantime, but it was starting to rip so i did need a screen protector soon.

While i was on my way to my car which was parked in the shopping centre car park, i spotted a mobile phone accessories shop. On display was a load of phone cases and iPad screen protectors so i knew i would get was i was looking for here. I went to the open market previously and they have a mobile phone stall there but they didnt have any nice iPhone cases, even though they were slightly cheaper and they dont sell iPad screen protectors anyway.

The iPhone case that i bought is in a metallic pink colour, which has the effect of water on it, which i think looks really cool. I just wish it had the Apple logo on it, or a hole where the logo is on the back of the phone, but i still like it. Ive had my phone for over 2 years since it came out and really want an upgrade, but i dont know if i should wait until the new iPhone comes out. The case is priced at £9.99 but the shop owner let me pay £7.99 for it as i was buying the screen protector too, which cost £6. I know it would be cheaper on Amazon but i bought anyways.

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