IPhone 5S And iPhone 6 Will Both Release In 2013?!

4 years ago

Normally, Apple releases one new iPhone model per year. However, Wall Street analysts say that 2013 will be different. http://www.dsstyles.com/news/2013/rumor-both-iphone-5s-and-iphone-6-will-be-released-this-year.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=luuux&utm_campaign=feedburner0313 . What Might iPhone 5S Look Like? Most reports say the iPhone 5S will have an identical form factor to the iPhone 5. iPhone 5S processor will be upgraded to an Apple-built A7 chip. However, there will be major change on the iPhone`s camera and flash like featuring Sonys 13-megapixel sensor. What Might iPhone 6 Look Like? If those rumor is true, iPhone 6 might look like an iPhone 5 mixed with the plastic enclosure of iPhone 3GS mixed with the final design for the Bondi blue iMac. It seems that there are many great phones eg Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, etc for us to choose from in 2013. apple iphone

Source link: http://www.dsstyles.com/news/2013/rumor-both-iphone-5s-and-iphone-6-will-be-released-this-year.html

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