IPhone 5 Wins Galaxy Note 2

Those who are interested in picking up http://www.dsstyles.com/news/2012/apple-iphone-5-better-than-samsung-galaxy-note-2.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=luuux&utm_campaign=feedburner%2B1112, please take a look of http://www.dsstyles.com/news/2012/apple-iphone-5-better-than-samsung-galaxy-note-2.html?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=luuux&utm_campaign=feedburner%2B1112 before deciding which to buy.
Appearance Impression Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is built with a plastic cover. This plastic cover will give a less high class impression others. So, the metallic covered iPhone 5 will look better.
Camera Samsung does not upgrade the camera with the Note 2. It employs a similar camera as the original phablet which means it will shoot good but not amazing photos.
Easier to carry The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is relative large and heavy. So, it is difficult to hold if you do not have a big hand.
Accessory Ecosystem Apple dominates the accessory ecosystem. From cases, to docks, the iPhone 5 will never be in short supply of quality accessories. The Note 2 will likely have its fair share because of its popularity, there wont be as much of a variety which means choices will be limited for those looking to purchase add-ons for their smartphone. apple

Source link: http://www.dsstyles.com/news/2012/apple-iphone-5-better-than-samsung-galaxy-note-2.html

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