Iphone 5 waiting queues beat Iphone 4s

4 years ago

Picture isn`t mine: check the source link!

Hi everyone!
After the pre-orders running out, it was with almost no surprise I read that the line for buying an Iphone 5 was bigger than for the Iphone 4S. In London, an Apple store counter 1297 people in its peak, which is completely ridiculous.
People forget that other stores also sell the Iphone 5, so there`s no need to stay endless hours waiting for 1296 people to buy the phone.

Iphone 5 reviews are starting to come up on the internet, and they don`t benefit Iphone a lot.

Source link: http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/09/21/iphone_5_thefts_plague_stores_in_london_japan_tennessee

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