IPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

4 years ago

Title is pretty self- explanatory. Which phone do you think is better? My vote definitely goes towards the SIII.
They are both great phones, but Apple and Samsung are battling out, using these phones as their swords if you like. Apple has had a strong past with their iPhones, with their first one coming out in 2007/8. However Samsung has had a longer past and differentiates all their models a lot. Sadly, they both run on dual core processors, which is pretty upsetting knowing that they are 2 of the best phones in the market. They both have a brilliant design, but even though overall I`m with Samsung, the iPhone has a nicer build, but the SIII has a nicer feel and the buttons are in easier to press places. The SIII has an AMOLED screen, which shows the colours nicely, but people with sharper eyes will probably prefer the iPhone`s IPS LED screen, as it has a backlight on the black pixels as well. The user interference for the SIII are much better than the iPhone`s especially the maps.
The Samsung does it for me, as it has a brilliant, fast processor, a beautiful screen, great user interference and you can personalize it way more than the iPhone which makes it really feel like its yours and is what you want.
What do you think? iPhone 5 or Galaxy SIII?

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