IPhone 5 to be Unveiled in October 2012

5 years ago

For all you Apple fans out there, the iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released in October of this year. That`s pretty exciting news for me, even though I just got my hands on the iPhone 4S a few months ago.

A lot of people were disappointed with the 4S mainly because it looked the same. There were practically NO physical changes to the device. People were looking for a bigger screen, a sleeker body, even 4G connectivity, and none of that happened.

With the iPhone 5, though, that all apparently will. The 5 will feature an updated 5" screen, improved battery, thinner, an iOS6, a 10 MP camera, and finally, 4G speeds. With regards to the screen, rumors say that the next iPhone might do away with the home screen button, but that`s still not for sure. I HOPE they don`t get rid of it, though!

So are you excited for the release of this new iPhone? Since I got my phone a few months ago, I won`t be upgrading until I`m eligible, but I`m still excited, nonetheless. What do you think?


Source link: http://sequelnews.com/iphone-5-release-date-ever-to-be-announced/

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