IPhone 5 OS (iOS6)-My Experience So Far

4 years ago

I updated yesterday for the new iOS announced with the iphone 5, the iOS6. I won`t be upgrading to the new iphone and i will stick with my iphone 4 until it dies/breaks but since i could upgrade i did it.

Here is my experience so far:

- Better battery life - Some complain about the battery life but in iOS6 is actually lasting a bit longer than with 5.1.1
- Much faster - even browsing in menus its faster
- Super fast safari - I was so surprised with the speed of navigation on safari, its very good now
- Shortcuts on the settings menu and a "do not disturb" mode that blocks calls, which is nice.
- Passbook doesn`t work
- The new Apple maps is a complete mess, it doesn`t find anything i want and they decided to block turn by turn navigation voice on phones previous to 5 and 4s. I don`t care much because i do use a separate navigation app for it
- The colored status bar, i liked at first but sometimes it feels strange, so i have mixed feelings about it.
- It already rebooted once when i was in middle of a call, so that is bad.

Overall, if i ignore the reboot, maps and passbook, im actually pleased with the new iOS. Can`t for jailbreak, then it will be perfect.

<strong>Have you updated to the new iOS?
Will you be getting the new iphone?</strong>

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