Iphone 5 is the fastest

4 years ago

Picture isn`t mine: check the source link!

Hi everyone!
Iphone 5`s release has been marked by bad reviews about the phone`s features and cover, but not everything are bad news.
When Iphone 5 was announced, Apple promised it would be twice as fast as Iphone 4S, and they delivered. Recent tests show that Iphone 5 is not only Apple`s fastest phone, but it`s also the fastest smartphone on the market.
When compared against existing smartphones that us quad-core CPUs (Iphone 5 is a dual-core), it beat them easily. Even when compared to the next generation of ARM CPU`s yet to come, Iphone delivered.

This speed is a step towards the "Instant OS", a system that moves faster than you can move your fingers!

The picture shows the java benchmark to several smartphones.

Source link: http://www.iphone4jailbreak.org/iphone-5-benchmark-test.html

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